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Suites 2



  • Suite 2 is on two levels; it takes the basement and part of the 1st floor of the Main House and consists of 2 bed rooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms. Suite 2 has total space of ca 70 sq.m. and can host 4 people in its 2 bedrooms plus another 2 in the living room.



  • The basement has one large bed room, a smaller one and a bathroom.


  • The large bed room, with its old fireplace and the arch, is the most atmospheric area of the House. It has privacy and is being used as a double bed room (queen bed 160 X 200).


  • A small hallway leads to the big shower room and a separate small bedroom with an elevated section and a double mattress.


  • The living room with its shower room is on the first floor.



    Suite 2 has access to a separate small veranda, ideal for one to enjoy sitting in a quiet area.



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