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Things to do and places to visit..... !!!!!

Beautiful  beaches!!!
Around the island there are a lot of places, ideal for swimming and watersports that will satisfy all tastes.

We' ll be happy to give you a map of the island and all the information for the ways you can get to each of them.

Just ask!!!!

The Ancient Castle of Chora
Overlooking three seas (Ionian, Cretan and Aegean) from the prominent peak of a rocky cliff, the castle of Kythera was the sleepless guard of the passing ships, thus having the role of the "eye of Crete" which was the seat of the Venetian rulers. Throughout its history, the castle, as well as the land of Kythera were subdued to many conquerors after Venetians came the French, then the Russians and the English.
Fonissa Waterfall
Kythira is one of the few islands where you will find waterfalls. It is an enchanting scenery with the water pouring down from a 20 meter height with the huge green platanus trees as a background image. If you are tempted to take a swim in the green water you should know that even during the summer, the water is frozen. A bit down the road from the Fonissa waterfall, which is also called Fairytale waterfall, there is another surprise waiting for you: the 20 watermills that were once used for milling are now deserted. The waterfalls are in the area of Mylopotamos.
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